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If you have a game that is ready for multiplayer functionality, then we've got you covered. We specialize in bringing games online through various technologies.

Our team can help you select the right approach tailored to your game type for multiplayer engagement. Scalability, latency, user management, and security are critical to a successful game play experience. Whether your game is for mobile or desktop, we can help bring it to life.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. If you're trying to tackle it yourself, you can always drop by our Discord for some help:

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Featured Consulting Services

Full stack engineering and cloud services

System Architecture and Design

We'll help you sort out your ideas into manageable elements

Cloud Deployment

Production quality cloud environments

Product Development

Custom end-to-end software development for your requirements

Web Application Development

Includes frontend and supporting API service development

Android and iOS Application Development

Design, build, and publish to the mobile app stores

System, Feature, or Product Integration

Integrate two or more products to work together

Technical Support

We'll help you troubleshoot and solve issues with your system or product

Payment Processing

Accept payments through your web or mobile application

Business Technical Solutions

Internal software including CRM, EMR, or any management tools

30-minute consultation for $50

One of our engineers will help you get started in the right direction

Project Portfolio

A snapshot of recent projects


A secure platform for your digital address book

The TetherTap platform seeks to provide a frictionless solution for users to maintain their address book. The market is very saturated with similar apps but the downside is that they all use 3rd-party technologies where your data is sold somewhere along the way.

With TetherTap we wanted to develop a new way for users to securely share their information and maintain the accuracy of their digital address book for many years to come.

Our work was also an integral part of TetherTap's patent submission for the novel methodology in secure address book management.

2019 - 2020
Mobile, Cloud Technologies


A mobile platform for city parking services

Haxspot provides a medium for anyone to list their extra parking space and generate income while providing parking room for those in a need. For example, in a busy city, downtown and event locations, there are big problems finding parking. If people living around the nearby areas can open up their private spaces for others to park, it solves parking problem and also generates extra income.

Haxspot was a multi-part project that included developing a mobile app that deployed to both iOS and Android along with supporting APIs.

2014 - 2018
Mobile, Web, Cloud Platform

Gaming Platform

Massive skill gaming platform for competitive cash play

With over a million lines of code written for this platform, it enables gamers to compete for cash through skill-game tournaments. Built with an array of various technologies, this multi-tier cloud system is designed to scale and support a world wide market.

Please use the contact form if you are interested in learning more.

2014 - 2020
Web, Cloud Platform, Systems

Professional Website

Professional quality websites for businesses

We build professional websites that are laser focused on getting results. With SEO as a first class citizen, our sites top the search results. Whether you’re a business or individual, we tailor the experience to ensure users find what they are looking for.

We also offer color palette design for your brand to ensure your website and marketing material are consistent.

Ongoing Support
Web, Cloud Technologies
Solutions through modern technologies

Branding and Style

Work with us to discover your product's style and unleash it to the world. Keeping your brand consistent across platforms and media is key. We'll develop a tailored style and branding guide for your website and marketing material.

With these tools you'll be able to give your team the color palette and typography to use on all printed material and website along with logo usage, placement, and variation guidelines.

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Our Vision

Headquartered along the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, our lean team of engineers keep things focused. We don't believe productivity is limited to an office of cubicles. We seek those who enjoy living life while making a living.

We work diligently to understand our clients requirements and ensure we produce technical solutions of the highest quality. Our engineering team specializes in product development through modern mobile, web, and cloud technologies. We strive to capture your vision and produce real results.