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Our Vision And Philosophy

With our lean team of engineers we keep things focused. We don't believe productivity is limited to an office of cubicles. We seek those who enjoy living life while making a living. Collaborating from anywhere in the world, we seek the best talent to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly.

Having an entire remote workforce means you're getting exactly what you requested without any extra overhead. We strive to capture your vision and produce real results.

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Featured Consulting Services


System Architecture and Design

We'll help you sort out your ideas into manageable elements

Cloud Deployment

Production quality cloud environments

Product Development

Custom software development for your needs

Web Application Development

Includes frontend and supporting API service development

Android and iOS Application Development

Design, build, and publish to the mobile app stores

System, Feature, or Product Integration

Integrate two or more products to work together

Technical Support

We'll help you troubleshoot and solve issues with your system or product

Payment Processing

Accept payments through your web or mobile application

Or if you just looking for some help, please get in touch!

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Latest Projects

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Haxspot provides a medium for anyone to list their extra parking space and generate income while providing parking room for those in a need. For example, in a busy city, downtown and event locations, there are big problems finding parking. If people living around the nearby areas can open up their private spaces for others to park, it solves parking problem and also generates extra income.

Haxspot was a multi-part project that included developing a mobile app that deployed to both iOS and Android along with supporting APIs.

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Social Gaming Platform

This platform enables gamers to compete for cash through skill-game tournaments. Built with an array of various technologies, this multi-tier cloud system is designed to scale to support a world wide market.

If you are interested in learning more we can setup a private demo.

Tech Hobbies

In our downtime we enjoy experimenting with new and interesting technology. One example is Valiant Shield, a game created with Phaser, a game engine, wrapped inside an Ionic Framework app, which enables us to publish to both Apple and Google app stores.

Think you can protect our hero? Go ahead, it's ready to play right here in the browser!
Click to zoom, click again to shoot. Space bar to zoom out.

... or check it out on Android

The game doesn't embed very well on smaller screens. Click the image below if you'd like to try it out on the host site. Card image cap